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Macosquin Primary School, Coleraine
SIMS Agora link has now been added to our Parents Area.   |   Term 3 Extra-curricular Clubs-Booking Friday 31st March from 1pm via SIMS Agora.   |   Online Payment System Sims Agora has been set up for our school, make sure you activate your account in order to use.   |   4 week Well-being Programme (Wednesdays 7pm-8pm) starts 15th March, all welcome.   |  

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Dear Parents / Guardian

I am delighted to welcome you to our new school website! This site has been designed to give you all the essential information to ensure you get a flavour of the wonderful pupils, staff and everyday life events associated with our school.

Set in the historic village of Macosquin where education in the village dates from as far back as 1824, our school is proud to be connected to our local and wider community. We place great emphasis on sustaining a positive learning partnership between home and school. With your support, co-operation and encouragement, we look forward to working together, to ensure that your child's time at our school will be fulfilling and rewarding.

At Macosquin the pupils are the central focus of our school. Our team of dedicated staff provide a positive, caring and child centred environment in which your child will be nurtured and grow, achieving their potential. We are committed to recognising and celebrating success in every child and we strive to prepare them for the challenges which life may present in the future.

But don't just take our word for it. The only way to get a true feel for our school is to come and see us at work and I warmly invite any prospective parent to make an appointment to do just that. We will be only too delighted to meet with you, show you our facilities and demonstrate the work that we do. 

Louanne McElwee 



What's Happening!

10th Mar 2017
Last week two pupils from Year 5 and one pupil from Year 3 entered a number of verse...
6th Mar 2017
On Monday 6th March, Year 7 pupils took part in a kite workshop facilitated by George...
21st Feb 2017
Pupils are very grateful to the parents in our Junior School who kindly organised...

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Upcoming Events...

Monday, 27th March 2017
Coleraine Festival
Tuesday, 28th March 2017
Coleraine Festival
Wednesday, 29th March 2017
Coleraine Festival
Well-being Session 3-Positive Thinking (7pm-8pm)
Thursday, 30th March 2017
Coleraine Festival
Book Fair (8.30am )
Friday, 31st March 2017
Coleraine Festival
Book Fair (8.30am )
Monday, 3rd April 2017
Coleraine Festival
Book Fair (8.30am )
Tuesday, 4th April 2017
Coleraine Festival
Book Fair (8.30am )
Wednesday, 5th April 2017
Coleraine Festival
Well-being Session 4-Positive Affirmations (7pm-8pm)
Book Fair (8.30am )
Thursday, 6th April 2017
Coleraine Festival
Friday, 7th April 2017
Coleraine Festival

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